Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

During the second quarter of 2021 (can you believe we are already there?) we are going to spend time writing about a fairly new science; Emotional Intelligence.  In HPISolutions speak, we call it Emotional Quotient (EQ).

During this second quarter, we are going to dig deep into this topic through research, case study, social media posts, Monday Messages, a FREE webinar or two, and an abbreviated online workshop.  We hope you will find great value in the information we will provide.  We invite you to experience the power of our EQ Assessment, on a complimentary basis, at any time during this quarter and look forward to chatting with all of our readers about this important new science.  If you want to experience the assessment (click here).

Emotional Intelligence may well be the most important revelation of the Science of Self® and you can improve your EQ by enhancing your ability to understand yourself and others, managing your emotions more effectively, increasing your leadership abilities, and adding greater value to your organization.

Stay tuned!

Have a Great Week

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