Founded on July 10, 1992, a fledgling organization was created in Lansing, Illinois, in a rented room in an attorney’s office. It was amusing (but not funny) that we held classes in the conference room of the law firm when they were done using it for divorce discussions. G.M. Houston, Inc. (our legal name) began under the trade name of Houston Associates and a company was born. From the very beginning, this organization led by the current Chief Executive Officer, Jerry Houston, was destined to fulfill its mission to maximize personal and organizational effectiveness in an atmosphere of mutual benefit, respect and trust.
After seven years and three office moves, the company was ready to purchase its own headquarters building at 2201 Ridge Road, Lansing, IL. The company had over 300 clients at this stage of its development. The organization grew and we were ten strong going into our seventh year.

In the year 2000, the principals of Houston Associates made a significant lifestyle decision and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. The corporate offices and rest of the team stayed in Illinois and the owners began a new market in Phoenix. Two years later, revenues in Phoenix exceeded those of the Illinois office.

Increasing activity was found through major accounts and this little local company became a national and international business with clients in various parts of the world. It was time for a name change and HOUSTON PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL was born. The company continued to grow and corporate offices were relocated to Phoenix in 2006.

Today, we have gone through another significant change and have renamed the business HPISolutions. We continue to be led by the current team of Charles Parnell, Laura Dillingham, JP Rosso and Jerry Houston, assisted by our Client Relations Coordinator, Kathy Huska. While there have been many changes, HPISolutions remains an organization committed to the unlimited potential of people and their organizations. Our array of solutions has grown, and our client base continues to increase around the nation and the world. As we move further into our third decade of business, we continue to focus on becoming your trusted advisors in all areas of human acquisition, development and process improvement.

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