Client Testimonials

I worked with Laura Dillingham, Executive Strategic Partner of HPISolutions, at a critical time in my career when I was taking on a challenging new role. I have used what I learned in our coaching sessions many times over the years since then. Thank you again, Laura!

Kim Gringas
Senior VP, Sales and Marketing, Solvay

Working with Diane Janovsky of HPISolutions made tackling a large, multi-faceted project seem possible due to her helpful and knowledgeable guidance and support. Having worked with HPISolutions on several critical programs throughout the last five years, I can honestly say they are true professionals and extremely experienced and knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics. I would definitely recommend them to my colleagues.

Kristen Merrifield
CEO, Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Our sales are up 15% from the previous year, but more importantly, our profits have also risen significantly as a direct result of the implementation of the plans and strategies that HPISolutions developed for us. We have never had our EBITDA up to these levels. Our internal culture has changed significantly for the better, and higher productivity is the manifestation. Thanks for everything that you taught us, we are very grateful students!

Mike Roswell
President, Roswell Bookbinding

I cannot begin to tell you what a fabulous job Laura Dillingham did for Desert Services. She was just exactly who we needed! I’ll visit with the department heads this week and let you know their reactions, but she really was the one who could tell it like it is and impact real change in our organization! Amazing! The money has been well spent. Thanks again.

Ann John
Principal, Desert Services

I NEVER cease to be amazed at what you accomplish with (and for) people. Nice work, Laura Dillingham, and thanks!

Mike Branham
Owner, Branham and Associates

I wanted to thank you (Jerry Houston), Laura Dillingham and Charles Parnell as well for the support and guidance through the benchmarking and assessment process. We definitely learned a lot through the process ourselves, not to mention the insights the assessment provided in confirming what we intuitively felt about the candidates through data and summaries. At the same time, the tools also provided information counter to our “gut feelings” allowing us to explore those areas with follow-up questions to calibrate and line up the analytics with intuition. The suggested questions areas for further exploration helped us zero in on where we should focus efforts, making the process more efficient in my mind. The difficulty of the decision we have ahead of us between the candidates is an indication of the value of the process to identify top-notch candidates.

Nick Weigel
President, NorthStar