“Entrepreneurship is more accessible today than any time in history”

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, Chairman of HPISolutions

The quote that is the title of this week’s Monday Message is so true that it deserves constant recognition.  The pandemic, despite all its downsides, gave individuals the greatest amount of autonomy they have ever experienced.  Work from home, hybrid work, the great resignation, quiet quitting, etc., are sending a message that people value control over their own work time and their lives more than ever before.

The truth is that people have more choices, and when employers are too rigid, employees are looking for the exits.  One of those exits is opening their own business.  So, the world of entrepreneurism is booming!

However, it is not always as easy as it looks.  When I opened my consulting practice in 1992, leaving a high-paying executive position, benefits, paid time off, a facility to go to, and the security of a regular paycheck, it quickly became reality.

After plunking down a big wad of my own dough, having no idea what I was doing, having no clients at all, and realizing that the copier, the staff support, and a solid infrastructure no longer existed, the reality of being on my own became crystal clear.

I tell this story in great detail in my recent book, “the eccentric entrepreneur,” and the rules continue to ring true.  Remember this one thing:  “No one has the divine right to survive and prosper.  It is a right that must be earned every day.”

Translation, be prepared, make a plan and work the plan.  Understand your purpose and your WHY.  A good year this year does not guarantee a good year next year.  You must invest yourself 100% in the mission of your new business and work it hard every day.  The exhilaration of doing it on your own and your way is well worth the effort!

Come join the world of entrepreneurism!

Have a Great Week!