How Well Can You Read Other’s Emotions?

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

How Well Can You Read Other’s Emotions?

In the last Monday Message, I introduced you to Tom Lemanski, a long-time industry colleague and friend.  In the last article Post-Pandemic Hangover? we talked about the idea of a Pandemic Hangover, or the impact that this challenge has had on all of us.

In this week’s message, I’d like to invite you to complete a quiz with us that will answer the question: how well can you read other’s emotions?

This simple quiz demonstrates that you must pay attention to others to understand where they are really coming from.  People’s eyes are highly expressive.  They provide valuable clues about their emotions in play.  We invite you to take this NY Times survey to learn how well you read other’s emotions.  Let’s see how you rate.

Can You Read People’s Emotions? – The New York Times (

The average score for this test is in the range of 22 to 30 correct responses. If you scored above 30, you may be quite good at understanding someone’s mental state based on facial cues. If you scored below 22, you may find it difficult to understand a person’s mental state based on their appearance.

Have a great week!