Leadership Team

Meet the Leaders and Partners of HPISolutions

When we talk about our “Solution Tools” it reminds us that a tool is just a tool. It is the craftsman (or craftswoman) that uses the tool to cultivate and help your team grow, that makes all the difference. Meet our expert team of cultivators. Our team is comprised of our Leadership Team and Alliance Partners.

HPISolutions Leadership Team

It is the responsibility of the Leadership Team to ensure timely, accurate delivery of services, cutting edge products and processes, and a responsive, centralized link to all of our clients. We see our partners as customers as well, and pledge the same level of service and support to them as we do to our clients and future clients.

Jerry3Jerry Houston

HPISolutions, Surprise, AZ
President and Chief Executive Officer

Laura-crop2Laura Dillingham

The Amini Group Ltd., Gilbert, AZ
Senior Strategic Partner

Charles2Charles Parnell

The Amini Group Ltd., Glendale, AZ
Senior Strategic Partner

JP Rosso

Rosso Consulting, LLC
Strategic Partner

Kathy Huska

HPISolutions, Greeley, CO 
Client Relations Coordinator


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Alliance Partners