Team Development

Team development

Team Development

Teams are able to develop synergy which produces a combined result greater than the sum of their separate efforts.


To understand Team Building it is critical to not only understand, but to be proficient as a leader in recognizing human behavior.  Once leaders understand human behavior, they must also be knowledgeable about the types of teams, team stages and development, understanding what teams need and be able to apply this information as they build or strengthen their teams.

Communication and dealing with conflict are two of the most important factors when dealing with a team. You may have to work with a team that has already been formed or you may only have a limited number of people to choose from when putting a team together. Understanding how to develop your team and its members is what will determine your team’s success.

Successful leaders are able to put all of these factors together and then apply the techniques that foster synergy and cohesiveness.


 The following are content items that are included in the Team Development process:

  • Building a Results-Focused Team
  • Characteristics of Team Development
  • Conflict Resolution Skills (6 Steps to a Win-Win)
  • Developing Team Techniques
  • Different Types of Teams (Self-Directed, Self-Managed, etc.)
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Formation and Life Cycles of Teams
  • How to Develop a Virtual Team
  • Effective Human Behavior in Teams
  • Improving Team Performance
  • Strengths & Developmental Needs of Team Members
  • Identifying and Managing Stress in Teams
  • Utilizing Assessment Tools – (Behaviors, Driving Forces, TriMetrix, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Quotient)
  • Utilizing Decision Making Tools: Brainstorming, Nominal Group Technique, Consensus, etc.

Building an effective team in today’s workplace is critical as organizations are changing and many people are working in expanded roles.  The more you understand yourself and others the stronger the team.  The ability to put together an effective team that successfully produces results for the organization is the ultimate goal.

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