Lots of people like to use the phrase, “let’s think outside the box.” Many people like to think they do this. Unfortunately, very few people have the courage to actually do this. Most people tend to be guided by “conventional wisdom.” Why? It shields them from criticism.

One only has to look at professional sports to see this played out again & again. From the coaching staff to the owner to the media commentators, all will chime in on how the coach should respond to a certain situation.

If the “conventional wisdom” is followed, the coach is rarely criticized, regardless of the outcome.

But…championship coaches, teams & individuals are willing to consider going against “conventional wisdom”. They ask, “why not?”

Look at Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, SpaceEx, Virgin, etc. Their founders all asked, “why not?”
In each case, the founder went against “conventional wisdom”. So called “experts” lined up in droves to chime in with their comments as to why each company was going to fail. Yet in each case, the success generated exceeded anyone’s wildest expectations.

By leading off with “why not?” as part of your path forward you will open a whole new universe of possible pathways to consider. By only asking “why?” you’re potentially limiting yourself to only considering “conventional wisdom.”
HPISolutions has the expertise and tools to help you and your company ask “why not?”

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