We have been talking about Emotional Intelligence a great deal over the past several months….and with good reason. There is clear evidence that leaders who possess high levels of emotional intelligence and maturity excel well above leaders who lack emotional intelligence or maturity as they interact with superiors, peers and reports. NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION! Senior Strategic Partner, Laura Dillingham, and the facilitator of our upcoming virtual course on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, starting on September 15, 2016, has a lot to say on this topic. SIGN UP NOW and enjoy this week’s Power Idea on this important topic!

Ever hire someone for their knowledge, skills, abilities, experience and education, only to fire them for their attitude? I think most people in management have had that experience.

We look at the job we need to fill and usually start by determining what skill sets, education and experience are needed to fulfill the requirements of the job. We then review resumes looking for a match to those criteria. We conduct interviews and if required, we do reference checks. If we find what we think is a match, we make an offer. The new employee then joins the organization. If we’re lucky, we may see signs that something is not working immediately, but more often than not, issues are like a volcano and build up over time. Ultimately, when it doesn’t work out, we’re often left wondering why.

We begin to look at the why by trying to determine where the process went wrong. Why didn’t we see or hear something, what did we miss, why are we going through the hiring process again. Why is usually the piece that costs us not only time and energy, but creates financial loss and disrupts the organization as well.

Historically, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was used as the standard to measure a person’s possibilities for success. If you were intelligent and had the education, skill sets and experience, you had the ingredients for success in life. But time and time again that has not been enough…until Emotional Intelligence.

In 1990, Daniel Goleman was a science reporter at the New York Times. During this time, he came upon an article in a small academic journal by two psychologists, John Mayer at the University of New Hampshire, and Peter Salovey at Yale University where they offered the first formulation of a concept they called “emotional intelligence.” Goleman was intrigued and the journey began.

Goleman went on to author the international bestsellers Emotional Intelligence, Working with Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence and is the co-author of the acclaimed business bestseller Primal Leadership. Even though Emotional Quotient (EQ) has been used to mirror Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Goleman has always used the term Emotional Intelligence from Mayer and Salovey’s original work.

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