Who Am I? Power Idea by Sandy Mitchell

Power Idea by Sandy Mitchell, Alliance Partner of HPISolutions

Who Am I? The Prioritized Leader

People often ask each other “What do you do?” A better question to ask ourselves is “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to be?” as a leader and as a person?  What’s important to me? How can I demonstrate the “best me” in my professional and personal life, and support others to be the best they can be?

When was the last time you seriously considered your organization’s and your own purpose, vision and values? Most likely it has been quite a long time. And are your colleagues across the organization – the whole organization – in alignment with these?

A key ingredient high achievers identify for success is to start with self-awareness. It’s easy to go from day to day pursuing the same thing, maybe pushing a bit harder each day but without reflecting on why you are doing what you do. It is challenging to take a deep look at oneself and one’s organization and question all assumptions. Sustained organizational success comes from consciously developing such self-awareness.

This road to discovery and greater overall success can be facilitated by a process called The Prioritized Leader (TPL). The TPL Assessment, aided by a debrief by a Master Certified professional, helps you uncover how you view yourself and your organization in relation to Purpose, People, Pace, Perception (innovation), and Profit. It helps you identify areas in which your business is being held back or is missing opportunities, and how to overcome these gaps. Separate modules exist to go into greater depth for you and your team in each of these areas.

Contact us if you want to find out more!! Become The Prioritized Leader you have the potential to be.

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