Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

Where do you work? One thing is for sure, the world of work is changing at a pace more rapid than anything we have experienced in the past…and it will continue.

The name of the game, I believe, is to be flexible and open to new possibilities.  There is the traditional go to work five days a week, of course, that helps to ensure that we will all be sitting on the freeways in traffic early morning and evening every day, and then there is the work-from-home model, where it is business clothing optional from the waist down, and finally, the hybrid model where there is some work from home and some office-bound work.

Whichever model you are currently in, be flexible as organizations struggle to determine the best model, each bringing its own set of challenges.  Among these challenges is making sure that everyone stays connected.  As great as tools like Zoom are, they aren’t a complete replacement for connecting with others face-to-face.  Organizations need to work hard on creating opportunities for the team to get together periodically, to conduct teambuilding in a remote or hybrid environment, and also to be sure everyone understands the changing rules of communication that are required in these diverse environments.

As a 100% virtual company, HPISolutions makes sure that we maintain high touch in a high-tech environment.  It isn’t as difficult as you might think.  Feel free to reach out and ask us how at info@hpisolutions.com  We would be happy to help.

Have a great week!