What Stage of Growth is Your Organization In?

There has been a lot of improving news as the country emerges from the worst recession in history. So why are we so challenged during this time of growth?

As a certified Stages of Growth consultant I have learned that it is critical to know what stage of growth your organization is at and whether you have conquered all of the challenges typically present in that stage. As a matter of fact, there are typically seven strategic Stages of Growth, each having their own unique challenges. Another fact is that unresolved challenges in one stage travel into the next stage wreaking havoc on your people and processes. Eventually the seams split and quality and service begin to unravel.

There is hope. We now have the tools to accurately assess what Stage of Growth your organization is in. We can identify the challenges that need to be resolved and establish a model to accomplish those objectives before moving to the next Stage of Growth.

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To Your Success!
Jerry Houston