What Leaders Want… AND Need

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

Over the next 30-60 days we are going to be talking about Leadership in a very practical way.  I moved into corporate leadership when I was just 23 years old… which was 50 years ago and I continue on in that role to this day.  I have learned a few things about leadership over the years and that led to the idea of this Monday Message.

Leadership is without question one of the toughest jobs anywhere.  Leaders are expected to be experts in their chosen field, skilled arbitrators, developers of others, disciplinarians, negotiators, and willing to work very long hours, literally always being “on” even when they are at home.  And, what is even more interesting is Leaders rarely get the appropriate training and development for the various roles they must manage.  That said…WHAT DO LEADERS WANT, AND NEED?

Leaders need the skills, training and mentoring that help them jump through all of the hoops expected of them.  They need the support of those above them, beside them and below them in order to accomplish the objectives set before them.  They need to understand that there is a difference between wants and needs.  Needs are critical resources in order to perform.

Wants are different.  Wants are those things that are less tangible, such as respect, being valued, and being seen as an integral part of the strategy team going forward.

Leaders are successful when they have what they need and what they want. HPISolutions are experts at consulting and coaching leaders in both needs and wants so that organizations and people can reach their highest potential.

Have a Great Week!