Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

One of the benefits that accrue to our clients is that only fully certified partners at HPISolutions will write evaluations or conduct debriefs of assessments on your candidates or team members.  This comes to my mind because this week I participated in a recertification of the Emotional Quotient Assessment (EQ), which is a tool that measures Emotional Intelligence. This recertification is required every two years, in order to maintain my status as a TTISIEQ certified analyst.

This certification guarantees that we stay on top of our game and understand the science behind the EQ Assessment and any new changes since the previous certification.  In order to prepare for this recertification, we are required to complete 10 modules of prework, complete a new assessment, and attend an online class with others in our national network.  The class is my favorite part of this process as we exchange ideas and views of the EQ Assessment with other talented people in our industry.

Here are some key takeaways from this year’s EQ process:

  • I am reminded that EQ is the single most important factor in determining leadership success. This is true because improving your EQ is possible, and helps you to manage your own emotions and their impact on others, as well as to understand others’ emotions and how you can navigate interactions with them.
  • Every input to our brain passes through the Amygdala, which is where we deal with emotions. Since every thought is impacted by how we “feel,” it makes sense that we manage our reactions to those thought “feelings” in the most appropriate way.
  • In order to make the most of managing our emotions, we need to understand the concept of clear, cloudy, or red, to determine what is happening and what steps we must take to be sure our response or reaction is appropriate to the situation.

There were many other key takeaways that I will leave for another time.  Stay tuned this quarter for other ideas about the value of improved Emotional Intelligence for you and the leaders of your organization through the Monday Messages, Power Ideas and upcoming free webinars. Want to learn more now? Reach out to to schedule a call.

Have a Great Week!

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