Over the past quarter, we have been writing on the topic of creativity and innovation. In this wrap-up article, Founder and CEO, Jerry Houston shares some thoughts about what we have been sharing with our readers over the past few months and also, at the core, what creativity and innovation really are. Enjoy this week’s Power Idea.

Our team just finished publishing 14 articles on the topic of our theme for July through September of 2018 – Creativity and Innovation, and the importance of this subject on operating a successful and sustainable business.

We have talked about Putting on your Creative Thinking Cap, the Benefits of Promoting Creativity among your employees, Innovation Through a Wide-Angle Lens and Components of an Innovative and Creative Workplace, among other articles. You can read all of these articles and others. Just go to our website at and click on the Power Ideas tab. You will find a treasure trove of articles on these and other topics.

The definition of CREATIVITY is the capability or act of conceiving something that is original or unusual. INNOVATION is the implementation of something new; creating something that has never been created before and is recognized as a unique insight or perspective. Wow! That’s deep :)!

All of these fads and buzz-words come and go, but one thing remains constant. If we don’t change, we die. In business this is so true, and yet, we continue to hang on to the old ideas and ways of doing things, sometimes until it is too late. When I think of the changes that our boutique consulting practice has gone through over the past few years it is astounding. Some examples are, moving from a primarily developmental improvement practice to a practice that does over 60% of our volume in hiring assessments, job benchmarking and recruiting services. We have developed and launched a 100% virtual management development process (we swore that the only way to facilitate was live and in person…WRONG!). We deliver almost 100% of our job benchmarking processes over Zoom Video Conference Technology. I could go on and on, but you get the point. If any of us in business rest on our laurels, refuse to change, we will no longer be sustainable. Sustainability only happens when you are willing to change.

I think when Spencer Johnson wrote his now infamous book, WHO MOVED MY CHEESE, he was way ahead of his time. And here are the cold hard facts: The cheese has been moved. It is no longer in the old place. It won’t help you to say “I am going to stay in the old place, maybe the old cheese will come back.” It Won’t!

So let’s get on with it. Let’s be CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE and find new ways to do things, new methods, new opportunities for growth and sustainability, to ensure our future success.
Have A Great Week!