To Bribe or Not to Bribe?

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

I sometimes think that, after being in business for over 30 years, I have heard and seen it all… NOT! Let’s talk about the bribe.

Have you been watching and reading the news?  Have you been paying attention to what organizations are doing to get all their employees vaccinated?  Don’t get me wrong, this is a thorny issue and businesses are doing their best to keep everyone safe.

What I would implore business leaders to do is think about company culture and also take a long-term view of decisions made to convince employees to do what they should do through their own consciences.  Paying employees to get vaccinated (excluding those who are already vaccinated on a voluntary basis) is creating huge issues among employees.  Calls of foul are rising up everywhere.  Giving out t-shirts, mugs, etc., or any other type of “incentive” sends a message that to do the “right thing” requires the organization to bear the responsibility; not the employees themselves.

I am positive this Monday Message may rankle a few feathers, however, I think this is a topic we all should be concerned about.  We would love it if you will weigh in on this topic, in support or not.  These are difficult questions and we all should put our collective heads together to be able to work safely and be sure there is equity among all of the members of our teams. Reach out to us here or comment below.

Have A Great Week!