Time Out – Monday Message from Jerry Houston


Depending on your age, there has been a commonly used discipline tactic that parents refer to as TIME OUT.  Now, I go back much further than time out.  I am from the era of “spare the rod and spoil the child!”  But let’s stay on point.

This tactic was used to get the child to a quiet place (usually in a corner, for example) and give them time to think about their “infraction” and to get them to have some downtime to think carefully about what they have done.  It was usually short in duration, UNLESS YOU WERE THE CHILD!  Then five minutes felt like five hours.

Here we are in the Christmas Holidays.  If your life is like mine, you have been very busy wrapping up year-end business stuff and getting ready for the holidays and all that they bring.

I’d like to put you all in a timeout and think about all that you have accomplished, especially in this challenging year.  Give yourself a pat on the back and a couple of “atta boys or atta girls” and slow down your breathing and savor this important time of the year.

Have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!