The Value of Emotional Intelligence

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, Emotional Intelligence will be one of the top 10 job skills in 2020.”

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a valuable job skill; it doesn’t matter what job. In many cases, it even surpasses technical ability. Beginning in 2010, hiring managers and human resource professionals started to recognize and value emotional intelligence. An emotionally intelligent employee was more likely to be promoted over an employee who had job skills but couldn’t demonstrate emotional intelligence. What is the value of emotional intelligence?  Employees with emotional intelligence demonstrate:

  • Listening Skills – can set aside personal wants, needs and emotions to listen to others; they can pick up on tone of voice and body language and others feel they have been heard and understood.
  • Empathy – sensitive to others; focus on how to work together; don’t engage in gossip or petty fighting.
  • Cooperation – build relationships and work well with people across cultures and backgrounds, critical in increasingly global organizations.
  • Pressure – tend to have better coping skills, a healthy support system, and can regulate themselves.
  • Decision Making – ability to understand the point of view of others and to understand the impact of their decisions.
  • Set the Example – emotional intelligence is key in influencing others regardless of title; earning trust and respect by remaining calm in chaos and crisis allows others to observe, learn and follow.

The value of individuals with high emotional intelligence is they can manage their emotions, work well with others, adapt to change, and make decisions that are supported. With continuous pressures in the workplace and the increased rate of organizational change, finding individuals with high emotional intelligence will be even more crucial.

Here at HPISolutions, we have assisted hundreds of people to improve their emotional quotient, and thereby their emotional intelligence, which has led to a much more balanced life, better understanding of self and others, and has opened the gates of opportunity for additional responsibility and success in our personal and professional lives.  We invite you to visit the link below, and to enroll in our first-ever live, online course on Emotional Intelligence, beginning August 11th.

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence