POWER IDEA: The Right Onboarding Process

Power Idea by Teresa Adams-Nault, Alliance Partner of HPISolutions


Onboarding starts before they start and is ON-Going.  A strong onboarding experience can improve and increase the new employee’s engagement long term.

An onboarding process that provides new employees with a thorough understanding of their roles will empower them with confidence and clarity, so they can put their full energy into their roles and truly excel and engage.

Giving new employees a solid foundation through onboarding pays off for the employee and your company. Without a doubt, a well-planned, consistent onboarding and career path program can greatly increase an employee’s performance, job satisfaction, and commitment to your company for the long haul.

Our HPI Talent Partner Case Study

“I was retained by a US-based Company, working in a Hybrid environment that was moving from a family-operated company to high growth. They were bringing in new talent and wanted to incorporate and reboard the existing team and onboard new talent to create high employee engagement. 

The goal was to prevent culture conflict, properly align all staff, onboard, reboard, and upskill as needed.  The company believed in making sure the employees understood their roles and were effectively onboarded. 

The customized process started by creating Key Accountabilities for each position; we then conducted a brain-based TTISI job survey to see how each employee matched the role. 

The result was clearly defined roles; the employees are on the same page and know their lanes to stay in; we have created a customized onboarding program for a minimum of 6 months and a career path from there. 

The program has been very successful with engaged employees.  Furthermore, the client has experienced substantial ROI from this customized process and has extended a fractional talent team member role for me to continue to use the program for each new hire in the future”.

To learn more about this program, we are offering a complimentary 1-hour consult with our Talent Onboarding and Job Benchmarking Partner, Teresa Adams-Nault; please inquire here: info@hpisolutions.com.