The Power of Your Leadership Legacy

Power Idea from Amy Riley, Alliance Partner of HPISolutions

All successful, courageous leaders who achieve extraordinary results have something in common. In my work over the past two decades of coaching executives and developing leaders at all levels, I’ve identified the one trait that powerful leaders share. They all have a defined purpose to their leadership. They are committed to something bigger than themselves. There is an intent guiding and defining their leadership. The defined purpose these courageous leaders have I call a leadership legacy.

A leadership legacy is an aspiration about how you want to be known or about what you want to create. A leadership legacy is something that you can be demonstrating, embodying, and sharing right away. It can be an initiative, set of products, or improved processes. It can also be a leadership trait for which you want to be known and foster in your organization.

Here are the key questions to consider when declaring or clarifying your leadership legacy:

  • When do you provide value? While being engaged with what activities?
  • When do you feel energized? While being engaged with what activities?

Once you declare your leadership legacy, you are poised to go for extraordinary!

Many leaders are afraid to put the really big goal out there. They think that if they don’t achieve the goal, that will discredit them or demotivate those involved. Yet, putting the really big goal out there is how you get the most extraordinary results. You want to put the target so far out there, that people have to reimagine every aspect of how the work is getting done. Incremental goals won’t get you the revolutionary ideas.

I’ve led the design effort of a Leader Fundamentals program with an extraordinary client team this past year. In this Fortune 50 software company, they are accustomed to making big technical asks and getting them fulfilled. When brainstorming, they go for the ideal. This is because they are aiming to create an extraordinary experience for the leaders who participate in this program.

We’ve created an engaging and informative multi-media program with calls coming in from experienced leaders, calls coming in from new leaders who have questions just like them, slides, videos, interactive whiteboards, application activities, a place to capture their next steps and more.

Collectively, we are going for 100% satisfaction, 100% understanding of leader expectations and 100% of participants reporting that they’d recommend the program for other new leaders. When developing this program, we iterated on ideas, we kept enhancing and enhancing, we ran program segments for large groups of stakeholders and we piloted the program in all the world’s regions.

Working with this client team has been exciting, engaging, challenging and most of all inspiring. That’s because we are a team going for extraordinary.

I want you to go for YOUR extraordinary!

Join me and HPI Solutions on Tuesday, July 27 for my interactive keynote, The Courage of a Leader: The Power of a Leadership Legacy. Join us to:

  • Declare or clarify your leadership legacy
  • Discover the 3 secret superpowers you’ll get when you declare your leadership legacy
  • Walk away with at least 3 tangible ideas to go for extraordinary, step more fully into your leadership power and achieve the goals you most desire

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