The Most Courageous Person I Have Ever Known

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

In my book, The Eccentric Entrepreneur, I do some writing about my own back story.  As a part of that story, I talk about my belated wife, Lorraine.

Lorraine was a professional homemaker.  She excelled at keeping things exactly in order, doing an incredible job of raising our kids (one of whom is multiply disabled), cooking great meals, and somehow still find time for her husband (she loved to dance and we both loved to entertain family and friends).  She was also a great sport and went on many camping excursions with me and the kids, even though it was probably her least favorite thing to do.  She seemed always able to do the right thing.

Lorraine was courageous when she had to raise a disabled child, especially back in the 70’s and 80’s given the lack of quality services available, and laws that were only recently enacted in the late 60’s.  But she did whatever it took.  She was not only courageous, she was fearless.

In the greatest battle of her life, fighting cancer of the brain, she showed her greatest courage.  She faced the pain, suffering and debilitation of the disease without complaining.  She spent some of her time writing a detailed set of instructions including things like how to run the washing machine to how I should dispense funds for college educations, etc. after she was gone.  We all could take a page from this book on courage from this brave person who always put everyone else in her life first, and made the tough decisions, under the toughest circumstances.  As for me, I only hope I can display the same courage through difficult times.  I certainly had a great role model.

Have a Great Week!

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