Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

As our regular readers know, we have been talking about Emotional Intelligence this quarter, but there is a looming issue that we would like you to weigh in on; THE SHORTAGE OF PEOPLE FOR ENTRY LEVEL POSITIONS.

We are beginning to receive calls talking about the lack of qualified individuals to fill entry level positions.  Some of this problem is brought on by the pandemic and the subsequent financial support coming from extended unemployment benefits, stimulus payments and other government programs.  However, we wonder if there are other reasons and are seeking your opinions.  Please answer the questions below in our informal survey.

  1. What do you think is causing the shortage of people for entry level roles, even though unemployment remains quite high?
  2. What should organizations do to attract individuals for these roles?
  3. What is your organization doing to resolve your current employment needs?
  4. What kind of assistance do you need to resolve this challenge for your organization?

Follow the above link to Survey Monkey to add your input.  We will publish the responses in an upcoming Monday Message in a confidential manner.  If you’d like to talk to HPISolutions about this or any other business challenges, please reach out to to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Have a Great Week!

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