Our series on Building a Strong Foundation is coming to a close and we hope you enjoyed our series of Power Ideas as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you. If you missed any of the articles written by our leadership team you will find them on our website at www.hpisolutions.com under the Power Ideas tab. Our Founder and CEO, Jerry Houston, wraps up the series with his thoughts on Building a Strong Foundation and why it is so critical to ongoing success for all of our organizations.

I am often asked the question of why our company, HPISolutions, has been a solid, sustainable business for almost 27 years. Statistically, of new businesses, 50% fail in the first five years of their existence, and another 50% of the remaining new business fail in the next five years. Why is this? Why does this statistic remain constant throughout the past several decades? I think we don’t have to look far for the answer.

The premise of business is that we are here to fulfill our PURPOSE and to make a PROFIT. Without these two key factors, a business resembles a false-front set of buildings in a western movie! How do you determine purpose? The answer is to find your passion and then identify the marketplace where you can present that passion in a manner which others will value and are willing to pay for.

In the case of HPISolutions (formerly Houston Partners International), our passion is all about helping others maximize their human potential, whether it is a person or an entire organization. And yes, we want to be paid a fair price for sharing our knowledge and expertise in the areas of talent management and development. Our team of talented partners brings hundreds of years of skill, ability, education and energy to every assignment we engage in. We make sure that we always deliver more than is expected and that we have the courage to do the right thing with our clients, even if it isn’t popular. As a result, we have enjoyed steady, sustainable growth over the years, and have made many lasting relationships and friendships along the way.

You see, when you build a solid foundation based on mutual benefit, respect and trust, it is a winning formula for long-term sustainability and continued growth.

We are looking forward to an even greater year in 2019 and invite you to connect and find out how your organization can also build a strong foundation that attracts the best and brightest and assists you in reaching new heights and fulfilling your purpose as a business entity.

Enjoy the Holiday Season,