Career Coaching For Students

Cultivating an Inspired and Qualified Workforce

At HPISolutions, we are dedicated to helping organizations attract, hire, develop and retain the right people in the right roles.  And we are also passionate about developing a pipeline of young people who are prepared to pursue a career path that best aligns with their unique behavioral style and motivators.

studentsThat is why we are pleased to offer Career Coaching for Students, a structured and proven process for high school and college students that enables them to:

  • Become more self-aware through scientifically validated talent assessments, the same ones used in the business world to hire and develop employees.
  • Match their personal interests and talents to potential careers.
  • Investigate careers of greatest interest, including interviews with successful people.
  • Understand educational requirements, evaluate institutions and develop an actionable education strategy.
  • Optimize their (and their parents’) investment of time and money in post-secondary education and training.

The Career Coaching for Students program features:

  • Highly interactive group sessions, facilitated by a certified career coach.
  • Access to Student Resource Central, an exclusive website of carefully selected career and education resources, as well as “Life Skills for Students” e-learning modules.
  • Parent involvement and support throughout the process.

Did you know?

  • Statistics show 40-60% of adults are unhappy in their current job.
  • The average college student changes majors at least once, and 50% of students change majors three times.
  • Most college students take five years to graduate, which results in thousands of dollars of extra cost per student.
  • The average college student faces $19K in student loans.

Choosing a career path is one of the most critical and potentially expensive decisions that students will make in their lifetime.  Rather than simply rely on the opinions of family and friends, a busy school counselor, or an online self-service system, students can now explore career interests, understand education options and plan for an exciting future with the Career Coaching for Students program.

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