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Continuous Learning is a Necessary Commitment of Organizational Leadership.

  • Is your organization committed to an environment of ongoing learning and improvement?
  • Do you have a methodology in place to ensure that your people are at the cutting edge of innovation?
  • Are you planting the concepts of learning today, that will produce an unbeatable team for tomorrow and beyond?

Our leadership training and development company is designed to meet your specific needs, and the unique challenges that your organization is facing. We offer training for management, Sales, HR, and much more. Looking for something different than you see here? Contact us to discuss customized training programs tailored for your specific needs.

Leadership Solution Tools

  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Mid and Upper Middle Management Development
  • Supervisory Leadership Development
  • Team Lead and High Potential Development
  • Leadership Made Simple Process
  • Six Disciplines in Leadership Process
  • Advanced Leadership Process

Sales Team Solution Tools

  • Sales Development Process
  • Behavioral Selling Skills Process
  • Sales Skills Strategies
  • Coaching for Sales Success

Targeted Development Solution Tools

  • Re-Energizing the Organization
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Dynamic Communication Concepts
  • Customer Loyalty Process
  • Your Attitude is Showing Process
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Conducting Effective Meetings
  • The Only Certainty is CHANGE Process
  • Who Moved My Cheese?
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

HR Training

This training guides the participant step-by-step to acquire assertiveness skills, which are useful in leadership training and development. It includes a definition of assertiveness, and examines the difference between aggressive, assertive and non-assertive behavior. In this course, strong emphasis is placed on practicing a 4-point statement in expressing oneself. This content may be included in Coaching Intervention and-or Employee Counseling when appropriate.

Do participants have an employee in the organization who needs coaching? Typically, our clients look to us to troubleshoot behavioral situations with employees. This may include coaching sessions with his or her boss, direct reports, or with peers. In most cases, through application of our techniques, problems are resolved within six months.

Typically our clients look to us to troubleshoot behavioral situations with employees. This may include coaching sessions with his or her boss, direct reports, or with peers. In most cases, through application of our techniques, problems are resolved within six months.

Participants will learn and practice developing behavioral and performance based questions to determine whether the candidate can do the job. This process focuses on “peeling the onion” to gather the needed information relevant to the job requirements. This course will review various interview formats such as panel and individual. They will also learn how to avoid asking questions that are prohibited by law.

Upon completion of this course, managers and supervisors will be prepared to effectively handle one of their most important responsibilities. They will learn how to conduct progressive disciplinary interviews and the steps in the process. Other key issues include conducting a legal termination, liability for supervisors, how to give feedback, and where conflict comes from and how to deal with it.

This process is intended to include three people: a coach, a person being coached, and a third person to be determined by upper management. For example, the triad may include a line worker, his supervisor, and the coach. The object of the triad is to work through behavioral and-or communication problems with the designated group. Typically, the problems are resolved within 2-3, two hour sessions.

Individual Development Training

This is an extensive one-on-one process designed to improve personal and professional performance. Individuals meet with experts for a long-term leadership training and developmental experience. PDC meets the personal growth needs of entrepreneurs, senior, middle, entry level organization leaders and high potential employees.

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Leadership Development Training

We help you assess your areas of weakness, develop a plan and put the plan into action.

The Executive Development process is designed to help leaders develop the skills necessary to achieve strategic goals and lead the organization in this competitive business environment. This Executive Leadership process offers a proven path to help leaders create an environment in which people will be excited about operationalizing the established vision. It will provide techniques for aligning the organization’s resources and guidelines for effectively leading people to higher levels of performance.

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This course will explore the components of strategic planning which includes the vision, mission, core values, sales planning and support and an internal and external appraisal. Participants will review an external analysis which includes the trend analysis, market segment and a competitive analysis. They will also explore the principles of financial budgeting and establish business planning goals. Participants will understand current conditions, both inside and outside of the organization. They will also learn to visualize and identify the future, determine the goals that must be achieved, plan for goal achievement and implement the plan.

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Participants will learn skills needed to develop as an effective leader. They will examine the challenges unique to leaders including overcoming barriers to change, how to summon the courage to act and how to develop trust. They will learn how to set goals effectively and develop an action plan to achieve them. They will review the leader’s roles as a visionary and a coach. Participants will discover and enhance their leadership style through understanding what motivates people and how to communicate effectively.

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Participants will learn what the courts are requiring employers to do to avoid liability, including taking proactive steps for avoiding sexual and other types of harassment in the workplace. Managers & supervisors will learn how to handle a complaint from beginning to end, including how to conduct an investigation, gather facts, and avoid making judgments. In addition, all employees will be educated on the topic through a separate orientation session, which will be tailored to relate directly to your written sexual harassment policy.

This is a two-part program designed for entrepreneurs and small, early stage organizations. The first consists of eight modules which provide foundational learning that prepares leaders for an effective strategic planning experience: Strategic Planning, A Passion for Succeeding, Developing a Competitive Edge, Effective Planning Techniques, Execution is Everything, Marketing & Sales, Generating & Retaining Profits, and Becoming a Customer-Driven Enduring Company. The second part is a leadership retreat to complete the actual strategic planning process.

Participants will partner with our financial planner to develop a succession plan for their business. This includes determining who would take over their business if the owner or any one of their key players left their organization, or worse yet, passed away suddenly? These types of issues must be addressed if participants want their business to thrive.

Team Development Training

Participants working with our leadership training company are required to take an assessment measuring personal interest, attitudes and values prior to this process. This process explores beliefs and values which drive our behavior impelling us to action. Participants will examine why others view the world differently and value different things in life. Participants will understand how behavior can cause conflicts and how behavior can impact the decision making process.

This course will examine the difference between the three levels of customer service: Basic, exceptional and world class. Achieving the world class customer service level can mean the difference between success and failure. Through this in-depth, developmental process, participants will understand and practice a positive attitude, learn customer service skills, and set goals in order to deliver world-class customer service.

Participants will understand and learn how to improve the dynamics of their team. They will learn how to deal effectively with resistance to change and how to focus on their team’s vision, mission and core values. Participants will develop concrete methods for creating continuous improvement through problem-solving techniques and team management processes.

This course will explore various reasons for individual and organizational resistance to change, including the impact of technology, and will provide practical strategies to overcome them. We must realize that in business, the only constant is change.

Participants will learn how to determine when a meeting is necessary, develop and use an agenda, keep meetings on track, keep participants involved and focused, and resolve disagreements. This course uses experiential exercises to anchor the concepts, theories and principles, and to assure the involvement of every participant.

This program will help you understand the three types of conflict – interpersonal, intra-personal, and personal-functional. Participants will learn the nature of each and develop the skills and strategies to effectively deal with them and resolve conflicts by building trust and enhancing communication.

We’ll take the participants on an interactive journey through six modules. We’ll look at the why, what, where, and how for producing quality products and services. The focus will be on utilizing tools to increase efficiency, quality and effectiveness.

In this course, participants will expand their understanding of their own behavioral styles, and improve communication by identifying and understanding the behavioral styles of others. They will also develop a personal action plan to improve their interpersonal skills. A personalized Behavioral Analysis Report is included.

Organizations are scrambling to attract, keep and satisfy customers. Participants will be challenged as they learn to lay the foundation for a dynamic customer plan. Your team will understand that customer satisfaction doesn’t just happen–it is the result of intense focus and planning. Participants will explore: How the Rules Have Changed, The Internal Customer, The External Customer Attitude, and Customer Friendly Systems. In addition, participants will receive a Behavioral Analysis Report assessing your customer service style.

In this course, participants will: a) Define their personal philosophy for motivating and managing, b) Build on this foundation through an action plan of developing goals, securing commitment, and effectively controlling your time, c) Learn how to understand people, their behavior and attitudes, and how to turn problems into opportunities and d) Develop their leadership abilities so that participants can communicate, solve problems, make decisions and be productive.

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Team leaders are the key to organizational success. Their daily activities and decisions affect profits, production, attitudes and morale. This course is designed to provide participants with the basics of leadership development and engage them in a process that results in personal and professional growth.

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This comprehensive, eight hour interactive learning opportunity is designed to understand ourselves and others through a deeper look at three views of a person through our TriMetrix Assessment System.  During this hands-on, powerful program you will come to learn about your behavioral style, your motivators and personal soft skills, as well as a methodology for determining others’ styles and motivators to increase understanding, appreciation and greatly enhanced communications.

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