REBOARDING – The Challenge of Bringing the Team Back to the Workplace


Reboarding is a story of the pandemic and also of whether your employees are engaged or disengaged, especially during this time of COVID.

We have been conducting over the past several weeks a survey to determine how COVID-19 has impacted your workforce, both those who are still WFH (work from home) and those who are re-entering the workplace.  It was one thing when everyone was at home, and quite another challenge when some have returned to the workplace.

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how much did COVID-19 affect your workplace?
  • 43% of respondents indicated a score of 10, 22% indicated 8, and 14% indicated 7. Clearly companies have been very impacted by this virus and the economic impact it created.
  1. Is your organization considered an Essential Business?
  • 64% of respondents indicated YES. While many businesses struggled remaining afloat, many of our clients found themselves overwhelmed with the amount of work, and yet, separated from each other physically, while trying to deal with the volume that necessity created.
  1. Did any of your workforce go to a work-from home scenario?
  • Almost 76% of respondents were forced to go to a work from home basis for running their businesses.
  1. If employees worked from home, have they returned to the office?
  • 39% indicated that all or most employees have returned to the workplace.
  • Over 50% of respondents indicated that a few employees have returned, or none at this point in time.
  1. If employees did not work from home, have they needed to adjust their schedules or hours due to pressures outside the company?
  • 50% of companies indicated that some employees have needed more flexible schedules while 21% indicated all employees, and the remaining 29% indicated no change in schedules
  1. Will any of your employees continue to work from home long-term?
  • 62% indicated YES, which demonstrates a clear change in they way people will work in the future.
  1. Are you seeing an increase of stress on your teams? How has that impacted their performance?
  • 77% of respondents indicated YES to this issue.
  1. Are you seeing an increase in communication issues on your teams due to remote working positions?
  • Again, a resounding YES by 79% of responding companies. This result certainly indicates that there are additional communication challenges due to the separation of team members.
  1. Do/did you have a plan in place for employees returning to work?
  • 57% of respondents indicate a plan was in place.
  1. Are your employees engaged at work?
  • 64% of companies indicate that their people were VERY ENGAGED, with 29% indicating somewhat engaged. Author’s Note:  Wish we would have asked how the respondents know!

We hope you have found these results interesting.  It seems to us that there clearly are challenges to work from home and reboarding.  It is also clear that employees, teams and organizations have been significantly impacted by COVID and yet despite that, employees are continuing to exert effort, even during these challenging times.  It is also clear that there is significant additional stress on organizations as they struggle with these issues.

At HPISolutions, we are here to help.  We have a great deal of expertise in assessing teams, assessing stress and the impact on communications created by distributed workloads at home and in the workplace.  Ask for a free consultation at


  • Very interesting. I found it encouraging to see the high percentage of responses showing positive moves in how their company is working in the paradigm shift of a pandemic year! The permanent changes in workplaces and the plans in place for reboarding showed our companies in America still have their “We can do this!” spirit!

  • Terry:

    Great comments. IT makes me look back the history of the U.S. The British thought we couldn’t stand up to them, but we did. The South tried to separate from the north during the civil war, but we withstood the challenge. During world wars our adversaries thought Americans were weak…they were wrong. And Covid will ultimately be defeated. Americans are uniquely positive about our ability to overcome. And we CAN!

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