Is Your Organization Aligned With Purpose And People? Power Idea by Teresa Adams

Power Idea by Teresa Adams, Alliance Partner of HPISolutions

What employees want now, more than ever, is position alignment with their employer’s purpose and values.

The talent market has greatly changed. You may have heard about The Great Resignation – Americans quitting their jobs at a record pace – more open jobs than there are qualified people to fill the needs. What employees and new talent want more than ever before is a connection to the overall purpose and values of the organization. When this alignment occurs, profits increase, turnover decreases, clients are engaged, and the company grows.

There is such a great opportunity for leaders and companies to align your existing talent and new hires with your purpose. What does it mean to have a purpose-driven organization? It allows businesses to go beyond selling products or services and make a difference through their decisions and strategies, or through their support of social and environmental programs. Having purpose and vision is a key element for differentiation and employee engagement today.

When aligning your purpose, ask yourself and your peers these questions:

How does my organization paint a picture for the future?

How does my organization inspire its employees and its customers?

How does my organization’s vision help to solve society’s problems?

When interviewing new potential talent, ask them:

To paint a picture of their ideal organization, what does that look like?

What do you need to be inspired to thrive in your role?

What social cause or issue in society is near and dear to your heart that you would like to be involved with?

An example of purpose is my client with one core value/purpose of people over processes. They have standard operating procedures, but they are guard rails that provide structure to their team to have the freedom to be innovative. They are a more prosperous, stimulating, and flexible team with this approach. This client has had zero need to hire outside recruiters to find staff as new employees flock to this 21st-century thinking and culture. The company has had almost zero turnovers in staff and has decided to “Onboard for Life” every employee at every level! I’m honored to partner with them and have been hired as an executive career coach and employee engagement expert to career path, onboard, reboard and upskill their staff.

What are you doing to increase knowledge of, and connection to, your purpose?

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