What is a Productive Workforce?

Ah, the age old question of productivity. How do we define productivity, and more importantly, how do we achieve and sustain it?

At HPISolutions, we believe in the unlimited potential of people. We have learned a few things about people in our three decades in business, by interacting and solving challenges for hundreds of organizations of all sizes, industry types and cultures.

team-puzzle-2A productive workforce begins with an understanding that the organizational culture is a critical component of success. Business is all about People, Process and Profit. Organizations must invest in the right kinds of people and processes that are efficient and usable – all of which leads to sustainable profits.

How do we hire, retain and develop productive employees?

  • If we do not have an objective, measurable process for attracting the best available talent, onboarding them correctly, supporting them correctly, and have a methodology for continuous learning and development, we will surely impact growth and sustainability.
  • If our processes and systems do not support the work of our people, it is very likely that they will become increasingly frustrated and disengaged, eventually either becoming incompetent, and therefore you will release them, or they will move on to an organization that makes them feel more valued.
  • Culture is so critical to success and long term viability. How are people treated? Do people feel valued? Do they feel that their input is important? Do they feel a sense of control over their own destiny? Do they take ownership and personal accountability? Are they self-starting and self-managed in the organization?
  • All of us in industry have a tendency to hire for skill and fire for attitude. If the job could talk, what would it say it wants in terms of behaviors, motivators, personal skills attributes and emotional intelligence? If you could match the right person to the right job in terms of job fit, what would be the value of that?

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