In last week’s article, I shared with you some thought-provoking issues related to the need for a stronger Talent Management system and commitment going forward in the New Year. Today, I’d like to talk about the Human Resources role in all of this. The HR function (whether separately managed in your organization or as a part of another role – Controllers have a habit of ending up with this responsibility) is far more than just HR compliance these days. HR is (or should be) a strategic part of senior leader thinking in organizations of all sizes. Borrowing again from Josh Bersin at Bersin by Deloitte, here are some things to think about.

There are nine critical talent imperatives for 2015:

  • Improving Speed and Quality of Hire
  • Assessing and Improving Corporate Culture
  • Delivering and Managing Employment Brand
  • Accelerating Time to Competency
  • Driving Engagement and Retention
  • Planning and Analyzing Talent
  • Driving Performance and Development
  • Improving Management and Leadership
  • Improving Career and Talent Mobility

Every part of HR touches everything else. Performance management impacts development planning, career progression and selection. Talent acquisition is impacted by employment brand, talent mobility and varying internal demand for skills. Once independent, programs like diversity, inclusion, engagement and employee communications are now a part of everything we do. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON OUTCOMES AND OBJECTIVES OF THE ORGANIZATION. Keys to improving our talent efforts are these four things:

  • Create a diverse and inclusive workplace (think generational, ethnic, gender and so on)
  • Build flexibility and balance into the work environment (9-5 is dead!)
  • Communicate Values and Mission (over and over and over!)
  • Communicate and Drive Change (in order to survive, change is the only certainty)

We know that all of this seems overwhelming, especially for smaller organizations. It does not need to be. At HPISolutions, we have traveled all of these roads with our clients and we are ready to travel them with you. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation at any time at, or feel free to call me direct at 623-866-8200. We are here to help!

Have a Great Week!