In the final installment of my series on what to expect in 2015 regarding Talent Management, I would like to talk about what employees are expecting and how shifting to this new way of recruiting, retaining and developing your team will pay big dividends in the new year. Again, many of these ideas come from Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte. I have become a big fan of Josh Bersin and find a real alignment with his feelings and what we have been seeing and reacting to here at HPISolutions. Enjoy this week’s Power Idea.

We must consider employee engagement a central part of every HR program today. How do we hire, manage and understand how our organization must operate to develop and retain the best talent available. We have learned that an integrated approach is needed:





Trust in


Agile Goal-Setting

Flexible, Humane Work Environment

Facilitated Talent Mobility

Mission and Purpose

Selection to Fit

Coaching and Feedback

Recognition-Rich Culture

Career Growth in Many Paths

Investment in People; Trust

Small Teams

Leadership Development

Open, Flexible Work Spaces

Self and Formal Development

Transparency and Communication

Time for Slack

Modernized Performance Management

Inclusive, Diverse Culture

High-Impact Learning Culture


Paying attention to this grid from Deloitte allows us to identify five major elements of engagement and 20 important strategies to consider as you design your overall HR Talent Management Strategy for your organization. Let us know how we can help.

Have a Great Week,