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Complimentary Consultation


Team Development

A team has a lot of moving parts and personalities, and in order for them to be effective, leadership must be high quality. Our group learning sessions will teach team building, understanding of others, motivation, and diversity and prove that a team can be very powerful when the leader can effectively implement these skills to their team.

HR Services

HR systems and processes are a vital part of the success of any organization. At HPISolutions Phoenix, corporate training and development programs are custom built. We will develop a tailored approach that aligns your company’s vision and mission with training, audits, consulting, and development, to ultimately improve every facet of the workplace. We work with your organization from the development and execution of a recruiting process through onboarding, development and promotion considerations.


It is crucial to understand yourself, and those that work for you on an in depth level. We offer many assessments that will uncover specific motivators, encourage growth within teams, provide feedback on employee satisfaction, and ultimately progress your company’s effectiveness.

Learning & Development

Success requires ongoing learning and growth. At HPISolutions Phoenix, corporate training and development programs are built with the specific needs of your business in mind. By utilizing our customized training programs, your organization can reach levels you never thought possible. Whether it be sales, HR, management, or something specific to your industry, our team has the tools and knowledge to develop your leaders.

Business and Process Consulting

HPISolutions Phoenix provides expert business coaching services. We will work with your employees to help identify where improvements need to be made, perform an analysis on the situation, set up and train on processes for improvement, and follow up after implementation to make sure progress is made, and goals are met.

We Help Your Business
Function at its Best

We are a performance improvement, professional development, and corporate training company, with an emphasis on developing the human potential in your organization and the processes to support their efforts. We do this with our threefold approach, focused on:

Our goal with corporate training, development, and business coaching is to help you maximize the potential of your team, as individuals and as a group.

Virtual Management
Development Program

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