In the final quarter of 2019 (hard to believe!) we thought it would be good to look at the bigger picture.

For most of us as leaders, managing people is our most important responsibility. It is more important than the tactical tasks and never-ending stuff on our “to do” lists.

As I think about this topic, I am travelling in Northern California, visiting clients, friends in the area, and attending the ENGAGE CONFERENCE with Patrick Lencioni. Driving down the freeway 99 I passed a sign that pointed out that the exit ahead was for PARADISE, CALIFORNIA. We have all heard about the devastation of the CAMP FIRE and how the town of Paradise, home to 30,000 people is gone. It is hard for any of us to imagine… but not for many of our clients and others in the greater Chico area.

I am reminded how resilient people are, and yet they grieve their loss and struggle mightily through recovery. People are amazing how they pick themselves up and keep on, keepin’ on.

While no one would accuse me of being a world traveler (France, Germany, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, South Africa, Singapore) one thing I have observed is that people are people. Regardless of whether they live in the most affluent of areas or countries, or living in mud huts in South Africa, most people want the same things. People crave stability and security, they desire social acceptance, they want the basic things in life and want their families to be safe and happy.

Being an observer of others, I recognize that our work provides purpose and stability in our lives. It gives us many of the goals that we strive for. It allows us to earn a living and to provide for the future of those we love.

During this quarter we are going to talk about how much people are different, and yet the same, in different cultures, and how the world treats various classes of people regarding work and what can be done about it. We hope you enjoy this final series of Power Ideas for 2019.