Onboarding: The Key to Long-Term Retention

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

There has been a lot of talk recently about the power of Onboarding as a tool for long-term retention of your key talent in the organization. It’s also a valuable tool in the ability to continually attract the best talent and make sure these hard-fought additions to the organization stay fully engaged and see a future working at your company.

Onboarding is the science of ensuring that your investment in attracting, hiring, maintaining and developing your team members is based on a solid game plan for the long haul.

It starts with hiring right.  Proper job description, recruiting strategy, solid compensation plan, a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the position, and a method to measure success.  As the new member joins the team, this is a time to be sure that they are correctly oriented to the position and, more importantly, to the culture of the organization.  Following 90 days or so into the new hire’s journey, it’s time to begin clarifying possible career paths that this employee wants to evaluate, to learn what their responsibilities in moving to different opportunities can be in the future, and what they will need to know, do, and demonstrate in order to position themselves for future growth.  Onboarding and Development should be an organic process that never stops growing and changing.

Be on the lookout for an outstanding Power Idea article that will publish this coming Thursday, written by our Alliance Partner, an expert in talent selection, employee engagement and career coaching, Teresa Adams-Nault, who will share a number of perspectives on this important topic.  You won’t want to miss this valuable input.

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