Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

Remember the old saying that “there is no room for emotions in business decisions?”  That is so interesting to me, and it should also be interesting to you!  Since every transaction we experience interfaces with how we “feel” about the experience, how is it that this old saying can actually be true?

I challenge you to think about the last five decisions you made.  How did you feel about the decision?  How did you react to the need for the decision?  How did others react or feel about the decision… and, based on how various people felt about the decision, how differently did they react to what was decided?

Emotions are involved in everything we do.  The trick is to not allow our emotions to rule our decisions.  I am a pretty impetuous person and have learned over the years to sleep on big decisions.  Take a time out, a chill pill, slow your roll.  The best decisions are made over time and with thoughtful consideration of the possible results, good or not so good, determining in the end if we can live with the decision, even if it doesn’t go well.  Our emotions are an important tool in our decision-making because it is critical to consider how we feel about the direction we are taking, and listen to our emotional self about whether we are comfortable or not with the decision and if we can live with the results.

Have a Great Week!

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