Monday Message – Mutual Benefit, Respect and Trust

Mutual Benefit, Respect and Trust

As Chapter 10 of my soon-to-be-released book, The Eccentric Entrepreneur, points out, in the end all business conducted in this age of information needs to a have a human foundation.  Everything that gets accomplished, gets done through people.  In order to accomplish tasks, it is necessary to have mutual benefit, respect and trust of those with whom you interface with, inside and outside of your organization.

When I think about this phrase of mutual benefit, respect and trust, it reminds me how many times in my business career which spans over 50 years, that every time I had a challenge, I was able to reach out to my network of people, inside and outside of the business I was leading, to solve the challenge through collaboration with others.  It was the brain storming and willingness to compromise, sharing ideas and resources that has led to the best solutions for the organization.

This concept, fully discussed in my book, is focused on the idea of creating Win/Win scenarios.  Why is this important that both sides in a transaction must find a way to emerge with both sides benefiting from the final solution?  If not, what are the alternatives?  Win/Lose, Lose/Win or Lose/Lose?  How do these alternatives ever end up in success?  Can you imagine if we all sought to achieve Win/Win as the outcome of any scenario, how much better things would go inside or outside of your organization?

Have A Great Week!