Monday Message – Are Your People Re-Boarding?

Are Your People Re-Boarding?

COVID-19 has spawned a lot of new ways to function in our world, and also spawned new terms along the way.  One of those terms was WFH, commonly known as Work From Home, when millions of Americans created make-shift offices in their homes, workarounds regarding spouses, kids and dogs, and traipsing out on Zoom and other technologies in order to keep our economy moving.  Now there is another movement afoot… Re-Boarding.

Re-Boarding is a term that refers to the migration of the work from home workforce that has begun to head back to their traditional workplaces as the economy tries to right itself and get back to some semblance of “normal.”  Some people will transition with relative ease, however, others may find that getting back into a more disciplined setting and also adding a commute to their day which has not existed in several months may be very challenging.  Not everyone will embrace this re-boarding with outstretched arms.

Organizations are already wrestling with so many challenges brought on by COVID and now they are facing employee disengagement, resistance to changing back, or in some cases a mixed bag of some WFH and some re-boarding mingled together.

HPISolutions is sponsoring a brief online survey that you can take here:

We encourage you to take a few minutes to provide some input about how re-boarding and the rest is impacting your organization.  We promise to provide feedback to everyone who participates in this effort with a goal to help everyone find ways to make this next transition as smooth as possible.

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