A Story of Historic Proportions

I love history.  I am fascinated about where we have come from.  For example, I learned that my maternal grandfather, Benjamin Greenberg, was born at sea, in American waters, because his parents were fleeing German persecution of the Jews.  History is important because it teaches many important lessons (positive and not) from which we can set our compass for the future.  Have you ever gone to the effort of creating a timeline for your business or your private life?  Here is a brief timeline for my company.  It is astonishing to me that over 27 years have gone by.  See what you think:

I am really excited about inserting into the 2020 timeline that I published my first book.  Writing “The Eccentric Entrepreneur” is the fulfillment of one of my primary goals for my life.  The book launched on Amazon on October 20 as an ebook and paperback.  It’s also going to be available as an audiobook.  Go onto Amazon and take a look.  Please write a review and help me get to Amazon Best Seller status.  If history repeats itself, I think my book will be another way that I can tell the history of our journey, and assist other entrepreneurs out there who want to live their story to historic levels.

Have a Great Week!