A Sense of Community

During this past week, I attended something titled a Power Summit, inside of the industry organization that I have had the privilege of being a part of since 1992.  The difference is that we met for the first time in a Virtual Setting… and it was awesome!

In this time of COVID, separation from other human beings, has, well… sucked!  All of us need a connection to other people, a place to belong, to share ideas with people whom we respect.  I was honored to be a part of a group of seven inductees to the Trusted Advisors Network Hall of Fame during this event.  I was in very good company with other consultants who I have had the pleasure to know for at least 20 years.  What was so interesting was how each of the inductees spent their “talk time” thanking others in the network for their help and support in the arduous task of becoming an independent business person, and being sustainable over the long haul.  Clearly, without their guidance and cheerleading, many of us might never have succeeded.  It is also true that we are all a product of the product and have worked very hard to become an expert at our craft to help our clients unlock the power of human potential in their organizations.

Interacting over Zoom Technology did not inhibit us and the Trusted Advisors staff handled the conference beautifully.  There was even a happy hour, which added new meaning to BYOB!

It is my hope that each of you has a community to whom you are connected.  It might be a work group, an association, a softball league, playdate group, or your church.  Family is family, and being connected, especially at this time of COVID is essential to our well-being.  As for me, I am energized and ready for the next chapter of this interesting life as an Eccentric Entrepreneur.

Have a Great Week,