As I write this week’s Monday Message, I am sharing some excerpts from the epilogue from my book, The Eccentric Entrepreneur, which is available for purchase on Amazon, starting tomorrow, October 20. 2020.

The epilogue points out that we must all fulfill our WHY, and achieve our life purpose as an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurism is not an easy path.  It is hard work with many high and low points throughout the journey… and it’s worth it!  It takes courage and there is a great deal of risk.  As your organization grows, you are not only responsible for your own success but many other people are depending on you, in part, for their success and well-being.  This includes your family, your employees and their families, your trade partners and their families, and your clients and their families.  Your reach continues to grow in impact as your organization expands its impact in your field.

Completing this book is the culmination of a year of work and many years of planning and preparation for the launching of this book.  I would wish for all of our readers that you would find your why, your purpose, and play it out in your life and career as it suits your situation.  We are all different and inspired by different events and aspirations.  What I will promise you is a great deal of fulfillment and happiness in your life if you discover the meaning for your life and share it with the rest of us.

Have A Great Week!


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