About Leadership… if it is to be, it is up to me

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

About Leadership… if it is to be, it is up to me

Taking responsibility is a key factor of great leadership.  In an age of CYA behaviors, it is easy to stand out among peers if you believe in our headline for this Monday’s message.

How do you stack up when it comes to what we refer to as the three key accountabilities; self-starting, self-management, and personal accountability?  Think about these key factors in terms of yourself and your team.  Do you need prodding to get things done, to meet deadlines, or to inspire others to step up to their responsibilities?  Are you able to manage yourself and your team to get optimal results?  Self-management is first because it sets the example for those who follow you.  And finally, are you accountable for the outcome of your actions?  If you make a mess, do you clean it up?  Some leaders simply play the blame game and put the responsibility on others if things go wrong.

In the end, if IT is to be, IT is truly up to me.

Have a Great Week