LEADERSHIP – the Key Ingredient

Power Idea from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

LEADERSHIP – the Key Ingredient

As I sit down to write the June Power Idea, I am reminded of our rapidly approaching 30th Anniversary of HPISolutions on July 10, 2022.  It is quite amazing to think that we have been unlocking the power of human potential with our clients for three decades.  I decided to focus on what has been the common thread to our success and it came to one thing…


Why would I say that Leadership is the key to our longevity, our success at serving almost a thousand client companies and thousands of individuals in our programs over these three decades?  It is leadership, but not just from the top leader, it requires leadership at all levels in the organization.

Let’s think about what Leadership is, and what Leadership causes:

  1. As I said in my book, The Eccentric Entrepreneur, Leadership takes Courage. There will be many obstacles in your leadership path, regardless of your role or level in the organization. Courage is the willingness to take risks, to appreciate that the outcome may be somewhat unknown, but saddle up anyway.
  2. A leader must understand their own Purpose and that of the organization. If we are not clear on purpose, how will our team members or clients understand what we are trying to accomplish?
  3. A leader must provide the example for people to follow. People will follow an inspired leader, no matter how difficult the path.
  4. A leader must value When we as leaders are more interested in others, and making others feel as if they are important and integral to the success of the organization, loyalty is created and sustained.
  5. A leader must respect and trust their people. When people feel comfortable, they will share all the news, good or not, knowing that their opinions will be listened to, even if the final decision is not in their favor.
  6. A leader must demonstrate vision leading the way to the next opportunity and helping the team find the path.
  7. A leader shows compassion for the things that happen in life, allowing team members to not feel guilty about dealing with life’s challenges, that may sometimes get in the way of work.
  8. A leader has integrity even when it is not convenient or profitable.
  9. A leader makes tough decisions, even when it isn’t popular.
  10. A leader has high standards and holds themselves and others accountable to those standards.

I could continue, but I hope that I have made my point.  I don’t think that most leaders realize how much they are watched by others; employees, customers, peers, competitors and so on.  Business is like a sailing ship.  When it is working right, it is a graceful thing of beauty, with the masts billowing in the breeze.  Unfortunately, that is not always the forecast.  Sometimes the seas are throwing the ship from side to side, and knocking the business, off course.  It is up to the leader to steady the team, chart a new course, and keep an eye on the horizon, at all times.  Following these simple guidelines won’t eliminate all the crisis situations a business is likely to face, but they will smooth those rough seas down, more often than not.

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