Kathleen GaiblerThe Gaibler Company, Inc., Wilsonville, OR

Leadership, Talent & Organizational Development, Business Strategy

Kathleen Gaibler

C.P.B.A. / C.P.V.A. / C.D.N.A. / TriMetrix™ Certified

Kathleen Gaibler, Principal of The Gaibler Company Inc, is recognized for her expertise in leadership, talent development, business strategy and advancing organizational performance. Since 1990, she has guided decision-making, facilitated the transfer of skills and become an on-going resource for global organizations. Kathleen has moved companies of all sizes to a higher level of performance and profitability by assisting leaders to better manage their human capital. She is dedicated to delivering lasting benefits through strategic partnerships with her clients.

Certified in Behavior, Values, the TriMetrix® and DNA™Systems with TTI Performance Systems, Ltd., Kathleen uses validated diagnostic tools to identify strategies for organizational and employee success. These tools allow her to accurately assess job fit, benchmark performance, evaluate training & development needs and measure organizational effectiveness. As a result of this work, for two years she was the recipient of the TTI Presidents’ Award for Outstanding Contribution to Human Resource Development. Kathleen is also an active certified mentor with EQmentor, a company that combines mentoring with on-line collaboration for professional development.

Drawing on her diversified background in sales, mental health and education, Kathleen combines leadership development with coaching to accelerate personal growth and motivate people. Through sharing her experience of what works and what doesn’t, her clients experience different perspectives and options for building on those leadership competencies required by the job and defined by their organization’s goals and vision. Many of them have developed clarity and achieved transforming results.

As a previous member of one of the oldest and largest Rotary International Clubs, Kathleen chaired the Community Grants committee. As a member of the National Speakers Association she served as board member and financial director for the Oregon chapter from 1995 –2002. She was honored with their Member of the Year award in 2000. Kathleen currently serves on the board of directors for two non-profit organizations.

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