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Strategic Partner

JP Rosso

C.P.B.A., C.P.V.A.

John “JP” Rosso has 30+ years of experience working with small & global, privately owned companies as well as with a variety of non-profit organizations serving a number of different constituencies.

His roles at all organizations operated in both domestic & international markets.

For the majority of his career he has simultaneously filled the roles of Senior VP of Business Development and VP Plant Operations & General Manager.

Industry SME expertise includes: non-profit operations & development, precious metals refining & manufacturing, inventory management, sales team-recruiting-development-leading, the mining industry, the petroleum & petrochemical processing industries, catalysis manufacturing & usage, medical devices, electronics, logistics, security, inventory management, anti-money laundering, specialty alloys, EHS, plant operations & expansion, environmental regulatory compliance, ISO 9001 & 14001.

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