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Jim Robins

As the President and founder of Robins & Associates, Jim Robins is focused on organizational transformation starting at the highest level. He believes in using analytics to truly understand an organization. It is imperative that there is a deep level of understanding of a company’s business (including processes, human capital and culture) in order for true transformation to occur. Jim grew up in a rural town in Iowa and began his education at the University of Iowa, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in nuclear medicine.Over the next ten years, Jim worked in all aspects of nuclear medicine including practitioner, OEM sales and applications representative and the director of nuclear medicine for a hospital system. Jim went on to earn his master’s degree in business and human resources. He then utilized his business education, as well as his management and facilitation expertise as the director of human resources/training and development for a medical device manufacturer.

Jim’s unique career path, keen intellect and talent then led him to become the president of one of the largest assessment companies in North America. This allowed him to gain an expert level of interpretation of individual’s behaviors, motivators and soft skills, as well as learn from the best consultants and coaches in the business.

Jim believes that the culmination of his entire career led him to becoming the ideal consultant and coach. He understands the many facets of business and has true experience which allows him to speak with people at all levels of an organization to effect lasting change.

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