Charles ParnellThe Amini Group Ltd., Glendale, AZ

Executive Strategic Partner

Charles Parnell

President of The Amini Group Ltd.


Certified Professional Values Analyst, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, TriMetrix and Performance Based Interviewing

Charles is President of The Amini Group Ltd., a consulting firm specializing in leadership and management development facilitation and consulting, effective hiring and retention, team building and midlevel management coaching. The firm is focused on performance improvement and leadership development for individuals and organizations. It advises management in the following functional areas of human resource management: staffing, employee development, positive employee relations and employee relations.

Charles is known for his dynamic and engaging speaking style. His areas of focus include coaching, team building, managing people for maximum performance, diversity, customer service and communications.

Additionally, Charles has been functioning as Management Coach for over 16 years working with mid-level managers and leaders. He uses the following coaching intervention strategies: brainstorming, behavioral modeling, role playing, resource identification and allocation, identification of learning styles, identification of behavioral styles, client pairing, analogies, past and current practical examples, best behavioral practices, active listening and the effective use of open-ended questions. He facilitates workshops and seminars in coaching.

Charles’ past experience includes his role as Director of Human Resources at the Dial Corporation. He has over 30 years of experience in HR in the following functional areas: labor relations, staffing, positive employee relations, employee relations, employee development and safety. Charles is certified in effective hiring and retention. He earned B.A. in Economics from the University of Memphis and an M.S. in Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management from Loyola University of Chicago.

Beyond his extensive academic and work experience, Charles a Lifetime Teaching Certificate from the Maricopa Community College Board. He is a faculty member at the University of Phoenix, facilitating courses in HR management, organizational behavior and employment law. He has taught HR management at Arizona State University in the undergraduate school and Golden Gate University in the graduate school.

Charles was also a franchisee of 7- Eleven with the Southland Corporation for ten years.

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