Bob HoopingarnerManagement Support Services, LLC., Glendale, AZ

Executive Coach, Trainer, Consultant

Bob Hoopingarner

Bob brings to his coaching and consulting clients a unique combination of ‘nuts and bolts’ practical business experience along with human resources savvy gained from his career as a manager, coach/consultant and licensed clinical counselor.  He serves as a coach and consultant to businesses of all sizes whose leadership is looking to reignite their own passion and that of their employees to achieve goals and take their business or organization to the next level.  Since the mid-1990s, Bob has coached individuals ranging from top-level executives and mid-level managers, to city mayors and police chiefs, helping them clarify goals, identify action steps, and overcome the challenges that can derail our best efforts to achieve what we want from life and work.

Prior to becoming an Executive Coach, Trainer, and Consultant in 2006, Bob served in the Marymount Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic Health System as operations supervisor for the Concern Employee Assistance Program, which provides outsourced EAPs for corporate clients. Working closely with his clients’ human resources executives and upper management, Bob coached leaders from a wide variety of organizations, supported a team of 20 counselors, and developed an extensive range of training workshops. His business development efforts increased the program’s client base from 12 to 75 in a highly competitive environment.

Bob also has 30 years sales experience, beginning his career with Ampad Corporation, a division of Mead Corporation, and working his way up from a top 10 sales leader to increasingly responsible sales management positions in Newport Beach, California, and Dayton, Ohio. He has a master’s degree in clinical counseling/psychology from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from John Carroll University in Cleveland.

Bob joined the HPISolutions Team as an Alliance Partner, and as evidenced by his biography, is bringing a wide array of talents and experience to apply to clients’ needs and challenges.

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