Leadership Crisis – Where have all the Employees Gone (far, far, away?)

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

Leadership Crisis – Where have all the Employees Gone (far, far, away?)   


One of the key struggles all leaders are facing today is that of finding the best and brightest talent… and retaining them.  Here are some tips that we hope you find useful:

  1. Work on your hiring process – Make sure that your hiring process is bringing you the right people. If you don’t attract and recruit the right people that fit your company culture and the roles intended, they are likely to leave you sooner than later.
  2. Offer market-competitive salaries and benefits – no one wants to leave a workplace that offers excellent compensation and benefits. Your organization must be competitive, or the rest of your efforts don’t matter.  I recently talked with an employer who is suffering from a massive turnover rate.  The employer indicated that they couldn’t compete on compensation.  The truth is you must find a way to compete, or you will fail to find and retain the talent that will propel your organization forward.
  3. Reward hard work – It’s important to recognize and reward hard work. Team members must feel that their work is appreciated, or they will look for those rewards elsewhere.  And it isn’t just financial rewards.  Celebrate accomplishments and show that you value your people and it will create loyalty.
  4. Offer flexibility – Life balance is a huge issue, and “all work and no play make Jerry a dull boy.” It is a proven fact that employees, especially the GenZ crowd, will demand some balance.  Pay attention to the news and to what the great business minds of our day are saying.  Work from home, Hybrid, Four-day work week, etc., etc., etc.  If your organization is not flexible and insists on only one way to accommodate employees, they will seek alternate, more flexible places to work.  And yes, you have a right to expect employees to fulfill their responsibilities, and be accountable for results.
  5. Work on engagement – Listen to your people, and take their feedback seriously. Where can you let them win?  Engage with your people honestly and openly, value input and be willing to share the spotlight on concepts that assist the organization in reaching its mission.
  6. Offer opportunities for growth – Your people want to know where they are going and what opportunities are available in the future. Be sure you have a strong career-path program in place.  Everyone does not need to become a manager.  Think outside the box about other growth paths in your business…there are more than you think.
  7. Provide a sense of purpose – What drives us all in our careers? Why are we doing what we are doing?  What the company stands for, and how each person’s work is important and valued is critical to keeping your team together.

I hope these ideas, shared with us by our friends at Trusted Advisors Network, are sound and will help your organization and you as a leader to navigate these times of turmoil in the employment market.

Have a Great Week!

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