This week, CEO and Founder of HPISolutions, Jerry Houston, shares his thoughts on LEADERSHIP AND COURAGE.  Are you a courageous leader?  How do you know if you are courageous?  We hope you enjoy this week’s Power Idea in our continuing series on LEADERSHIP.

Do you remember the Cowardly Lion in The WIZARD OF OZ?  Why he was even afraid of Toto and Dorothy.  Just like the Cowardly Lion, many leaders go through life worried and hesitant about many things.  They lack the courage of their own convictions and often this has a significant impact on their decision-making.  Why is this, and what can be done about it?

Courage, as defined by Siri means the ability to do something that frightens one – the strength to face pain, grief or other trials.  Often we are fearful of things that are unknown, and that causes stress and uncertainty.  After all, did the Cowardly Lion find that he feared making decisions, going places that were scary, and hiding behind his friends, scarecrow and tinman?    And yet, in the end scarecrow and tinman couldn’t make the Cowardly Lion any more brave….that was the Wizard’s job.

I have observed many managers in my 40+ years in business.  What separates the strong, confident managers from the rest of the pack?  I believe it is courage.  Courage is a personal trait, a personal ability that can be learned and then practiced.  How, you might ask:

  • Examine the situation, and determine the worst possible outcome. Can you live with that outcome?  If not, what can you do to mitigate the results?
  • Make a decision. Do you procrastinate out of fear about making the wrong decision?  Isn’t not making a decision, making one?
  • Do the Right Thing. Often we are unsure of what action to take and it paralyzes us.  In our hearts we usually know what the RIGHT THING is…..we just need to act.
  • There is a saying that “A Ship in the Harbor is a Safe Place…but that is not what Ships are for.” Get off the dock if you want to go sailing.  There is always risk connected with every decision, however…. Noting ventured, nothing gained.

I could go on, but you get the idea.  COURAGE is all about stepping up to the plate and taking a swing.  COURAGE is all about having enough faith in yourself, that you can handle the outcome of a decision no matter which way it goes.

Have A Great Week!