I discovered that as far back as 2007 only 28% of companies offered any type of training on delegation* and it hasn’t improved much since. Why is that?

Delegation is a critical skill, not only because it teaches employees how to think, ask the right questions and expand their knowledge, skills and abilities, but it also allows leaders to do the same. It is key for a leader to expand their talents and to network if their goal is to advance in the organization.

Why don’t leaders delegate? The answers are the same as they’ve always been.

  1. I’m the go-to expert.
  2. This is something only I can do.
  3. I’m too important.
  4. I’m too busy.
  5. It takes too much time.
  6. It won’t be the way it should be (aka I’m a perfectionist).
  7. I got where I am because I’m good at doing this type of work.
  8. I lack self-confidence (not that I’m going to say that to anyone).
  9. I don’t want to be upstaged.
  10. I don’t know how to delegate.

Delegation may not be happening if:

  • leaders work long hours
  • leaders feel totally indispensable
  • leaders help rather than teach, delegate, and support
  • employees are working regular hours
  • employees aren’t engaged
  • employees don’t feel energized

In fact, as is statistically shown, many employees leave organizations so they can acquire new skills. Skills they might be able to acquire through their current job.

Leaders share their frustrations because their team doesn’t take ownership of work or projects. They don’t feel they go the extra mile in many instances. If as a leader you’re ‘happy to help’, take a minute and ask yourself…what is the employee learning if you’re helping rather than delegating?

If you don’t know how to delegate the time to learn is now. Visit us at HPISolutions.com and let us know how we can help you learn to delegate and use your most important resource…your employees.

*Harvard Business Review

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  • Terry Kinney

    This is so true and covers every business from product to service oriented. Keeping it in mind when ‘delegating’ to my team!

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