Is Your Plate FULL?

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions


Each week and month, I have opportunities to talk to many leaders in a variety of industries.  It comes with the territory of leading a company that is in the business of unlocking the human potential in organizations.

There has been a common theme among these leaders that they are finding themselves with very full plates, to the point of overflowing, with demands that are all critical, but clearly, not doable with current resources of time, energy, people-power and finances.


The answer is surprisingly simple (but not easy).  For all of us that lead, it is time to stop, stand still and take stock of where we are at and what are truly the most important priorities and steps that must be considered.  Here are five things you must consider:


Why are you here?  Why does your organization exist?  Are your people clear on this purpose and are engaged and energized by the mission and vision?


Are you taking care of your people?  Or, are they overworked, trying mightily, but finding not enough hours in the day to complete all of the tasks required?


Is there simply too much on the plate in the first place?  Is it time to think about what are the most important priorities and who on the team is best suited to accomplish them?


Are you and your team clear-headed about how to creatively solve problems to be innovative with solutions and new ways of doing things?


Are you utilizing the profits of the organization to provide the right resources, at the right time to enable your team to execute on those things that will provide the greatest return?

If Not Now…When?  The Plate is Overflowing.

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